Under the trend of economic globalization on the trends in furniture design

&Nbsp;   with the development of the times, furniture design and furniture designers of the evaluation criteria have also changed. Judge the quality of a piece of furniture design is not only has good functionality and attractive appearance, while saving energy, environmental pollution, compliance with ethical standards and a series of links, every aspect of the product is well designed.
&Nbsp;   today, on population, environment, energy, resources, ecological challenges more difficult, combined with economic and cultural globalization, changes in lifestyles and values, poses new problems for design, furniture design trends became the focus of the furniture designer. Development trend of furniture design is not only a topic about the future, is also a relevant topic in the past, because it is built on the past of reflection and on the basis of experience. In today's cultural pluralism, furniture being injected more spirit and culture, began to study furniture design furniture design the nationalization of cultural content, personalization, and furniture design. As awareness of the harm of industrialization, aimed at protecting the environment "green design" become hot topics in the field of furniture design. Industrialization has brought convenience to human life, but also to the Earth's ecology caused irreparable catastrophic damage. Environmental pollution, climate change, energy depletion, the direct impact was due to industrial development, international style to all the cities of the world into a glass curtain wall and reinforced concrete forest, in reflections on the modern furniture design as a whole on the basis of, began thinking about furniture design trends.
&Nbsp;  , ecological protection and green design
&Nbsp;   also known as green design eco-design, is based on the reflection on the ecological damage in the human process of industrialization on the basis of. Industrial water for human survival is no longer clean, the air is no longer fresh, the sky is no longer blue, the natural environment is deteriorating. Cities of modernization process of destroying historic relics, undermine long established cultural memory, in the improvement of material life, but also undermine the cultural continuity of the heavy price was paid. Protection of the natural environment and the human environment is an important part of green design. Furniture design to improve people's living environment at the same time, accelerated resource consumption, caused great damage to the ecological balance of the Earth. In particular the excessive commercialization of design the furniture designed to encourage people to important media for uncontrolled consumption. It is no wonder that people say "advertising" and "industrial design" is to boost the consumption of the culprit, has drawn a lot of criticism and condemnation. It is against this backdrop, designers have to rethink the responsibilities and role of the designer, green design is made. Many large companies in the furniture design as far as possible on the environment pollution in small recycled materials, to reduce environmental pollution and waste of resources. France recently also provide car-free day is a reminder to environmental protection awareness and return to nature.
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