The advantages of Office cubicles

&Nbsp;   office furniture-high cubicle
&Nbsp;   1, movable, reusable, cubicle systems material can hardly bring waste to the environment, is an eco-friendly building materials, long service life, from a long-term perspective, installed high-compartment system material than other forms of partition materials cheaper and more cost-effective.
&Nbsp;   2, the use of process, may at any time replace modules, glass doors, Windows, entity position, can regroup again, after disassembly and Assembly of materials, which is extremely small, and often can significantly reduce office costs due to relocation.
&Nbsp;   3, internal structure can be convenient for cable laying. Without a wall embedded, more convenient maintenance and replacement of the cables, separation of weak electricity, cable trunking can signal line shield.
&Nbsp;   4, installation, you can install more than 15 square meters per day per person.
&Nbsp;   5, fire-resistant fireproof, cubicle systems composed entirely of metal structures, also has a fire resistance of materials such as glass, color plate, cubicle systems the fire resistance of materials could reach 30,60, or 90 minutes.
&Nbsp;   6, pollution-free odor emissions, after loading you can use straight away.
&Nbsp;   7, seal the door frame, doors are trapezoidal edges, frames are trapezoidal, sound effects and improve sealing.
&Nbsp;   8, glass door can be installed in the Middle, it is extremely convenient to use.
&Nbsp;   9, Venetian blinds can be installed internally, does not get dirty from cleaning.
&Nbsp;   10, good sound insulation, partition walls with very good sound insulation.
&Nbsp;   11, a wide range of material selection, double glass and blinds can be selected, you can also choose color plates, gypsum board, Melamine Board, fireproof Board, cloth, etc.
&Nbsp;   12, variety of colors for you to choose from, each material has a variety of colors, color components can be used with. Can be specified by you or even provide any color and texture of the facing material.
&Nbsp;   13, minor construction noise. Without affecting the surrounding people's working lives.
&Nbsp;   14, the effect is stylish, elegant, simple, elegant.
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