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&Nbsp;   don't let the "imported" to cast
&Nbsp;   by material, and has many kinds of furniture, solid wood,
&Nbsp;   plate, iron, rattan, bamboo furniture, and so on. So the selection of furniture is to a large extent in election material. There are many solid wood furniture, precious mahogany furniture, luxury furniture, rattan furniture and pine furniture. Now, many furniture sales are claiming that their imported wood from Russia, and Brazil, Europe, Africa, and countries around the world. This caused a misunderstanding to consumers, always thought that imported furniture is quality product. In fact, the reporter learned from the Shaanxi Provincial forest products inspection station, in the context of the reality of declining species, China's imports of timber already account for a large proportion, especially acid raw materials, imported from rich countries such as South-East Asia, but it does not mean that the quality of imported products has many advantages.
&Nbsp;   a piece of furniture may be a variety of materials
&Nbsp;   solid wood furniture surfaces and other materials are different. According to the Oriental home furniture square market Department Zhang Ting introduction, usually the legs of furniture, tables, chairs, cabinets, hardwood is required, because a bearing, and other materials that are available, which also manufacturers a way to reduce costs. In addition, when you buy a cupboard, to pay attention to the thickness of the Cabinet legs should be at least 2.5cm, because they are too thick will seem awkward, thin reduces affordability; kitchen and bathroom cabinets can not use Fiberboard, plywood, fibreboard, water expands, damaged table should be washable. In addition, the found wood poles, off the end notes are drying thoroughly. Check surfaces, door to open doors, drawers, you can use the fingernails is a pinch, pinch into the material may rot within the description, it is prudent to purchase.
&Nbsp;   solid wood furniture is also an important indicator, is moisture. Provincial forest products inspection station owners introduced Jin Lin, furniture wood moisture should not exceed 12%, high moisture, wood easy to warpage and distortion. General consumer purchase, you can take hands, touch the inside where there is no paint on damp, if there is a sense of tide, it means that moisture content is too high, affecting the normal use. But professionals say, this approach is not feasible to paint furniture with a full cover, only through its inspection report to see the results. Drier weather in the North, slightly higher than normal moisture content of wood if proper maintenance or quality problems.
&Nbsp;   pay attention to corners of Panel furniture
&Nbsp;   now, the most popular type of furniture, cheap and easy to maintain. But furniture grade quality is not easy to distinguish, it should begin with the details. City House decoration company introduced designer Narihiro, furniture surfaces are covered with a layer of decorative materials, wooden veneer, either PVC or paste paint paper, post formed the leather note, with or without swelling, blistering, seam is not strict, checking is best observed under strong light. Part of the plate covered with wood veneer, this Board is easily damaged. Veneer furniture corner where up by hand to pull the corners, if a pick up using glue has a problem.
&Nbsp;   in addition, furniture edge roughness. Edge rough description within the material wet edge will fall in the short term. Edges should be rounded to avoid the straight edge at right angles with a wooden side of the seal is likely to damp or cracked. Plywood holding furniture, Pack is made of nails, pay attention to the nail hole formation, of the nail holes and other colors are the same. Usually nail holes are sealed with PuTTY, should pay attention to whether the PuTTY bulging, drums, PuTTY will slowly from the inside out.
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