Purchase Office furniture considerations

&Nbsp;   modern office furniture is a modern enterprise operation needs, reflect the corporate image, business marketing needs, to reflect the corporate culture and spirit, taste, size and economic strength, select modern office furniture namely to consider practicality but also consider the art:
&Nbsp;   1. business combination of taste and fashion
&Nbsp;   every enterprise has its own characteristics, combined with modern trends, create Office furniture environment has its own unique characteristics, concepts and models.
&Nbsp;   2. coordination and scientific
&Nbsp;   unreasonable indoor decoration, space, shape is tedious, complex color of furniture, will make the person's physical, psychological balance, sense of oppression, frustration and a sense of boredom, which affects human health, affecting the corporate image.
&Nbsp;   select dark tone heavy bedroom furniture, will form a heavy dark atmosphere. Furniture color too strong, is not worth looking, easily tired.
&Nbsp;   the other hand, the tone is bright and spacious room, then configure the simple, pleasant colours of the furniture, can make the person feel feast reads, feeling refreshed and easier to get along with, more productive, harmonious atmosphere, healthy spring.
&Nbsp;   in addition, the different function rooms, furniture styles, the color is different. General Manager's Office of Chinese and Western styles, colors are warm, cold, light, deep tones of the score, is of different color effects. Office and staff areas according to different industries, functions, to provide a practical design and layout.
&Nbsp;   3.
&Nbsp;   tile or marble floors, choose furniture will increase indoor atmosphere of cold, suggested the use of wooden furniture and local carpet.
&Nbsp;   4.
&Nbsp;   furniture, colors, features, hardware, and other match constitutes a coherent, consistent with and consistent with the overall space.
&Nbsp;   5. sizing quality and function of furniture
&Nbsp;   large size furniture wide space living room should be chosen and selected size small space furniture, will make the space seem congested. General minimum 800mm, employee groups screen 1200mm 1600mm~1800mm, reception desk, nothing broken screen has double in the high 700mm, high 750~1500mm, high desk 750mm, meetings, negotiation table 750mm high, coffee table with high 450mm, high Cabinet 1800mm~2000mm.
&Nbsp;   6.
&Nbsp;   screen: color, type, size, style, material (half a glass, Quan Bu, steel, laminate, Melamine HPL three cyanide). Glass white, frosted, glass size of space, a single layer, double layer, glass height of outlet hole (the hole punch position).
&Nbsp;   table, console and Cabinet: color, size, side table (separate, independent State around the table), hanging side tables, mobile Cabinet, drawer a few doors. Edge shape of straight edge, Duckbill edge, Duckbill edge and triangular edge. Edge color edges the same color, the same color. Cyanide material has three fire boards, Melamine HPL veneer, paint, stickers and paper. Handle styles and materials-metal plastic and sizes.
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