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&Nbsp;   under the influence of the financial crisis, United States and other countries to lower import demand, the export of office furniture contracting sharply, many export-oriented companies felt the pressure. However, the domestic market's rapid rise in rural areas, allows these companies to see new hope--Guangdong Province furniture Association survey shows that farmers in Guangdong Province at least 80% marriage, houses will need to purchase a variety of finished furniture, with more than half of new rural housing design with specialized study or prepare for Office furniture layout. "Furniture of the vast market in the future must take into account the wealth of farmers, their demand for furniture will be an annual increase rate of 20% to 30%. "The Association official said.
&Nbsp;   Ma Litao, Dongguan city, Guangdong Province, intends to marry his beloved girlfriend this year. In Beijing he, after many years of experience, deep personal experience of the power of knowledge. "This home to marry, I have prepared a study, allow yourself to recharge, must have been a great help in the future. "And this will undoubtedly need to buy Office furniture supplies.
&Nbsp;   in fact, also needs a lot of consumers with the Ma Litao.
&Nbsp;   in this regard, Guangdong Province furniture Association staff members said, in recent years, farmers ' living standards, especially the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and even higher standards of living for urban residents. Furniture of the vast market in the future must take into account the wealth of farmers. "The first is the improvement of farmers ' cultural quality, making them increasingly to taste of home environment. Then after more than 20 years of rural reform, rural family-unit model is even better. Production units and consumer unit, it is necessary to purchase of the necessary Office furniture Home Office in order to adapt to the changing times. Again gradually richer farmers new pursuit of culture. Placed in your room on your own like Office furniture, has become a kind of fashion. "The staff member said," because the furniture consumption has always been closely integrated with the real estate market, real estate markets have been shifted to two or three cities in the country at the same time, calls to two or three lines of the furniture industry cities or the wider region of County economy development in depth. Which makes Office furniture, Guangdong Province enterprise product sales target by export and domestic first-tier cities turning to two or three tier Word building and rural markets in the study. "
&Nbsp;  , Xiaolan town, Zhongshan city, the peak is a store that specializes in Office furniture furniture. A conductor told reporters in the stores, the overall profit slightly lower than the household furniture office furniture, but volume. "Sometimes signed several big orders in a row, there is enough to maintain the normal operation of a two-month, and compared with the seasonal downturn in household furniture, facing the ' winter ' is less obvious than the household furniture. The most significant change is that more and more farmers began buying Office furniture supplies. "She said.
&Nbsp;   Hou Kepeng, Shenzhen furniture Association Secretary-General said: "the furniture market in two or three lines will see explosive growth in the market. At present, the State on a series of reforms in rural areas will have a significant impact in the vast rural market, so two or three markets will be the next point in the development of the furniture industry. "
&Nbsp;   brand furniture joint strike
&Nbsp;     in this regard, Hou Kepeng suggested "Union strike." For example, he said, such as Shenzhen furniture Association a few years ago, "smelling" to two or three market opportunities. In 2007, its member companies Volvo, huayuan Hin, Fu, XING Li, left and right, such as the eight furniture enterprises jointly launched "Shenzhen furniture brand Alliance" to jointly develop the domestic grade two or three markets, build the Shenzhen furniture business cards. "The use of such practices, the effect is very obvious, as the sales volume continues to rise, other regions may wish to emulate. "He said.
&Nbsp;   furniture market has shown great potential in rural areas, but industry experts also are worried: because for a long time been business, branded furniture is a blank in the rural market. In fact, the farmers to buy furniture, first consideration is durable and inexpensive. Current rural, living conditions, consumer attitudes, aesthetic tastes changed circumstances, buy furniture as well as buy home appliances, like buying brand-name, even if not famous, or want to buy quality products. For many local brands of furniture, this was a good opportunity.
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