Cross-shaped recycled classics

&Nbsp;   the annual China International Furniture Fair held in the same period, Italy furniture show also unveiled, leading us to appreciate Italy proud national treasures--a contemporary design. Known Bo-Concept Nordic-style minimalist furniture brand recently launched its new products in 2011 ... ... Furniture industry is incredibly exciting!
&Nbsp;   It is said that furniture is a wonderful thing, it carries the past, present and future forms of life and therefore, furniture design is an important topic in design through the ages. Every piece of furniture was thinking, have a life of soul, worthy of our respect.
&Nbsp;   so, next year, where furniture designs created? Look forward to collecting information, we found in common: cross-border design, finally came out from the furniture body, led the recovery in our past memories and break time series, thinking to gallop, classic restructuring, let art shine. In 2011, our furniture really looks better.
&Nbsp;   tells the life story of furniture
&Nbsp;   each piece of furniture has a story. Such as chairs, different types of chairs from a different era, tells the lifestyle and aesthetic orientation of that era. Chair story of a Hong Kong designer research more thoroughly, he tried to communicate through free combination of the Chair in an orderly and rational space face, and through a variety of efforts, he has been Chair tells the story, very interesting.
&Nbsp;   in fact, the furniture has been essential in life. If the world is not on the table, can you imagine what a State? How many people will be mad? Furniture stories, in fact, is a simple thing, we can put their preferences, ideas, inspiration, furniture, and let it not only for our service, is our life spokesperson, see users of your piece of furniture – cross-border shape, can start with a story.
&Nbsp;   furniture Division of personality
&Nbsp;   furniture of different people like different, leading to their homes face very different. Furniture is one of the rendering of the human personality. Slender legs of a Chair like a ballerina's elegant styling; dark sofa like a man is a matter of mood; bring original solid wood the natural kindness, like a baby's face clean pollution-free; heavy mahogany weight as the older deep life experience ... ... Furniture, and divide the human personality without a Word, backward reasoning, different groups of people like furniture are also different, but this love is the source of their life experiences.
&Nbsp;   crossing boundaries for furniture of this feature or the needs of the people concerned, very meaningful. In 2011, the furniture design to comply with functional comfort and process materials and decorative effect, absorbing, and had a better understanding through the use of alternative expression in different population needs. So, next year's furniture design trends, transboundary brilliantly!

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