The arrangement of the furniture, "Feng Shui theory" 10 Office Feng Shui considerations

&Nbsp;  : it is too close to the door
&Nbsp;   seat placed in the door poor efficiency, Office, posts high distances itself from the door. Same staff, according to rank, for a comparable configuration.
&Nbsp;   II: open in front, promising
&Nbsp;   desk in front of the front to open cannot narrow. If you are facing the wall, the future will be like was blocked by walls, luck cannot be carried out.
&Nbsp;   three: the side aisle, promotion without
&Nbsp;   desk is, the side not to walk, like street-like rush. Just like in the Street outside, indoor street can have bad effects.
&Nbsp;   IV: front right column, do not make mistakes
&Nbsp;   front pillars of the seat seemed to be modelled, must go far wrong in their careers, often likely to have headache problems.
&Nbsp;   five: back, promoted by
&Nbsp;   placed the desk first for the rear. If the rear is aisle, Office will be unsettled and ill at ease. But after the wall, or configuration table, low cabinets can be.
&Nbsp;   six: Chong, Chong Road should reset screen, low
&Nbsp;   desk rushed to the door or roads, health, prone to accidents. Work and promotion has a lot of obstacles.
&Nbsp;  : the top pressure beam
&Nbsp;   desk just beam down to pay special attention. Easily distracted dizziness gone wrong. Pressure head moved to the desk, can be avoided.
&Nbsp;   VIII: seats on every corner
&Nbsp;   seat cannot be asymmetrical aisles and seats. If you sit in the Office, it would be bad. Relationships between colleagues, friction and misunderstanding.
&Nbsp;   nine: boss vaults, seats should be private
&Nbsp;   day cash income place, preferably placed in secret vaults is more difficult to lose, and preferably closed near their seats in the rear.
&Nbsp;   10: boss desk staff
&Nbsp;   than the typical desk staff, so that it is correct.
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