Office furniture development bottleneck

&Nbsp;   with the development of economy, enterprises continue to increase, with increasing demand for Office furniture, good market prospects. Outlook have naturally become the fighting to enter the field, while foreign-funded enterprises also continue to flow into the domestic market, competition in the domestic office furniture more and more fierce, the weaker the Office furniture business are at stake. Only represented by branch focus on research and development and product quality office furniture enterprises to make greater strides and catch up.
&Nbsp;   home office furniture brand consciousness
&Nbsp;   facing the rapidly growing office furniture market, many Office furniture business focused only on "only knows how to" instead of focusing on product design and quality, also lack scientific marketing strategies. In product development, brand building, marketing, marketing, channel management, logistics and distribution, after-sales service, vendor relations and other issues of the lack of long-term, stability and the strategic direction of science, which only occupied the margins of lower-end office furniture market, leading international brand of high-end furniture in the Office furniture industry has been in a leading position in the market.
&Nbsp;  , however, throughout the development of office furniture in China, not just in China and in the world's influential brand of office furniture. Reporters interviewed some enterprises and members of the Chamber of Commerce, the prevailing view is that current Office furniture industry phenomenon of homogenization of low-end competition does exist. Mainly for: enterprise design and development capability is not strong, new product development is the main copy foreign brand products. Although many companies began to pay attention to brand management, but the whole industry is still in the competition, it will inevitably become price competitive. Office furniture-the main customers for enterprises, government agencies and other community groups, some firms are keen to "black-box operation", the insufficient attention to branding.
&Nbsp;   homogenization of competition is also growing
&Nbsp;   office furniture sales soar in recent years, in August 2011 and September searches were ranked in the top ten list. As enterprises continue to increase, with increasing demand for Office furniture, good market prospects. Outlook have naturally become the "meat and potatoes", compete in the local office furniture more and more fierce, the foreign-funded enterprises continued to pour into the domestic market, Orin, gourmet and other former little brother has been making strides to catch up in the ranks, that were once grown up with company's mode of enterprises have gradually matured, and overbearing, and home office furniture businesses are at stake.
&Nbsp;   business leaders, who asked not to be named told reporters a few days ago, although in recent years the State and continuously improve the furniture industry standard, homogeneity of the Office furniture industry is still in a serious competition, widespread industry product copies, some of the so-called brand furniture dealer, by outsourcing cheaper products in order to reduce costs to small factories, these irregularities affected market order.
&Nbsp;   the engaged in Office furniture manufacturing company was founded in 1993, is Zhongshan earlier companies entering the Office furniture industry. "We can row a few years earlier at the top of Zhongshan office furniture sales, but now I don't know which one to slip. "The official said, because of the low barriers to entry, many myopic enterprises in order to increase market share, taken at all acts to get the sale, does not regulate market behavior, and even market is flooded with murky, seriously affecting the competition, some insist on quality to win business in the disordered competition seriously affected.

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