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Six plastic furniture and maintenance methods

&Nbsp;   plastic furniture maintenance VI
&Nbsp;   1, PVC furniture easy to aging, brittle fracture, can only be used indoors, do not apply to outdoor. Next to the stove and should be protected from direct sunlight and radiators. If ruptured after soldering iron available soft glue, you can also use banana oil and PVC-powder dissolve glue.
&Nbsp;   2, polypropylene furniture, light, oil, chemical solvent properties well, but the hardness difference, should prevent collisions and tips scratch hard objects, such as cracking can be patched by hot-melt, no glue to stick.
&Nbsp;   3, the excellent properties of glass fiber reinforced plastic furniture, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Long life, durable, but damage difficult to repair, trim screws plus washers connections available. Bearing capacity overload should be used to prevent unexpected fracturing, and scratches.
&Nbsp;   4 ordinary washing detergent, plastic furniture, pay attention not to hit hard objects, instead of using metal brushes-scrub. Wash, sunscreen can maintain its new plastic furniture for a long time.
&Nbsp;   5, artificial leather, synthetic leather, soft leather furniture, heat, Sun, cold, oil, cannot be placed in the bathroom, the kitchen. Be clean soft cloth to clean. If dirt is heavier, cloth with neutral detergent to wipe, and then wrung wet cloth wipe, then wipe dry with a dry cloth, synthetic leather, synthetic leather covered furniture with covers, sofa cover, Chair cover can extend the service life.
&Nbsp;   6, plastic veneer furniture not subject to direct sunlight and under partial vertical pressure, heat, preventing veneer with expansion, unglued. If veneers are found off the matrix should be cleaned with banana oil or xylene will combine parts, and then use Paste adhesive restoration, after the dry, in conjunction with joint use varnish again closed.
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