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Furniture maintenance vary depending on the substrate

&Nbsp;   for furniture: mattress, sofa and other
&Nbsp;   cloth art furniture has the characteristics of may at any time replace the cloth cover and is easy to clean and soft easy to damage, usually just do regular cleaning to maintain the surface clean, but bulky such as mattresses, in addition to the normal cleaning, but also through reasonable use to achieve better maintenance effect.
&Nbsp;   ★
&Nbsp;   as avoid more people often sat in mattress edge Department, don't in mattress Shang Stampede, to makes mattress keep flat, extended using life; regularly put mattress flip using, can upper and lower flip or end swap, makes mattress by force tends to uniform, General family 3 months should replacement a times; Spring mattress to note in and bed frame of contact parts placed a cotton felt or bedding to reduced friction, extended life.
&Nbsp;   ★ maintain ventilation and avoid exposure
&Nbsp;  , remove the external packaging, internal air flow mattress. When not in use, the mattress is placed in a cool and ventilated place, avoid sunlight exposure. In addition to sheets, a mattress cover on the best to avoid dirty mattresses, so that the removable and washable.
&Nbsp;   ★
&Nbsp;   If you want to move, and flat when placed on stable, preferably in the four corners of the ground with special foot mat well, so you can maintain the stability of the whole structure, and mattress is not bend in the handling, not tied with rope, trying to avoid collisions in order to avoid appearance hurt or damage to the internal structure of the mattress.
&Nbsp;   leather furniture
&Nbsp;   for furniture: leather sofa
&Nbsp;   leather furniture fear most is stained with dirt or scratches, do not direct water when cleaning, you can use the special leather cleaner on the cloth gently wipe. For homes with pets and children, in particular, to beware of the cat and dog paw or scratch with small children using sharp objects on the surface of furniture.
&Nbsp;   ★ cleaning on a regular basis, do not direct water
&Nbsp;   leather sofa maintenance key to leather breathing, so clean on a regular basis in order to maintain dust blocking the pores of the leather surface, Scrub gently with a cotton or silk wet after wiping, wipe can be used after Bailey bead or Polish to spray it again to keep smooth. If accidentally contaminated with traces of oil, cotton cloth, some towels dipped in mild soap and water to clean, and then dry them with a dry cloth, do not scrub with water directly. After cleaning leather sofas can be sprayed with special leather cleaner, cleans with the silk over several times, prevention of aging cortex.
&Nbsp;   ★ out of direct sunlight
&Nbsp;   leather furniture near should avoid direct sunlight or direct contact with high temperature heat source, otherwise it will cause the cortex of aging, deterioration.
&Nbsp;   wooden furniture
&Nbsp;   for furniture: dining tables, bookcases, wardrobes and other
&Nbsp;   huangmei days greatest feature is the humidity and hot weather for wooden furniture, and during this period most prone to deformation, so maintain a well-ventilated and dry environment, and regularly clean the surface you can achieve very good maintenance effect.
&Nbsp;   ★ high temperature drying
&Nbsp;   because wood quality furniture of material is natural wood, it has plant of characteristics, so its placed Shi should not be put in Sun can direct to of place, also don't on with air conditioning of heating has been "blow", if near Windows, is need in Sunshine strongly Shi pulled Shang curtains so as not to paint film faded, while wood quality table to as avoid directly contact overheating tableware, so as not to food, and soup spills damaged desktop. Usually you want to keep the furniture dry and often indoor ventilation, avoiding environments in the wet state.
&Nbsp;   ★ wipe the refusal to corrosion,
&Nbsp;   for clean people, they could wipe the furniture every day, but it's worth noting is, cloth never rinse with hot water, soda water or disinfectant, but do not come into contact with corrosive materials such as alcohol, Nail Polish, it will ruin the paint on the furniture surface. Best practice is to use a duster dusting off surface dirt, fine or with a damp cloth to wipe.
&Nbsp;   ★ regular waxing
&Nbsp;   wax Polish on a regular basis is also important, key maintenance once every quarter. Wipe clean with a soft cloth surface dust tracks, again with special Polish for furniture surface evenly, Polish with a clean soft cloth again later, so keep the furniture also lasting bright enhanced moisture resistance performance.
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