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Test pieces of furniture quality

&Nbsp;   in home improvement, a lot of furniture is made by decoration companies. These pieces of furniture quality testing, many consumers are concerned about. In fact, when your home decoration quality, as long as these hold, you can control the quality of built-in furniture.
&Nbsp;   1, grade fixed furniture using wood, accessories and fittings must comply with the design requirements. Furniture making tight joints, mounting must be solid, complete and valid. Furniture inside and outside cleanliness, external light, internal sanding.
&Nbsp;   2, the edge of Panel parts should be tightly straight, without degumming, smooth surface, without the bump.
&Nbsp;   3, Block, pressure bar, slide the installation position is correct and level solid, open and flexible.
&Nbsp;   4, in front of the painting, Visual smooth, feel no Burr, planing marks, scrub, inverse pattern, turn corners without hard, straight, uniform straight.
&Nbsp;   5, drawers and doors opening and closing and flexible, return true. Glass door polished clean, open and close around a flexible, non-collapsing debris, scratches, four symmetrical, hand clasping position correct.
&Nbsp;   6, fixed furniture, quality assurance, instead of using the material, making size should be consistent with the provisions of, the test is as follows:
    a. Warp: when a plane diagonal length of more than 1400 mm, warp should be less than 2 mm, when the diagonal length of 700 mm, and warpage should be less than 0. 5 mm
    b. Vertical: when a plane diagonals length greater than 1000 mm, the error should be less than 1. 5 mm less than 1000 mm, the error should be 1 mm.
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