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Stay away from formaldehyde in four steps

&Nbsp;   smell the pungent gas
&Nbsp;   experts suggest that consumers in the purchase of furniture, drawers and closets and other parts that can be close to the furniture with her nose in a sniff to see if a pungent odor, if you feel there is a strong smell of acrid, and accompanied by tears and discomfort, you should not buy this type of furniture.
&Nbsp;   certificate
&Nbsp;   Secondly, should the furniture factory-supplied raw material inspection certificates, examine whether the material manufacturers to adopt the qualified, good close furniture material from the source. In addition, you should carefully check the edge banding of Panel furniture edge because formaldehyde emission Panel edge is most severe, as stipulated in the standard furniture, Panel furniture edge to edge.
&Nbsp;   If you still feel the smell after time is heavy, advises consumers to apply to the relevant departments for examination. Sale wood furniture on the market must conform to the national standard GB18584-2001 indoor decorating and refurbishing materials-limit of harmful substances of wood based furniture formaldehyde emissions in the wood furniture under ≤ 1.5mg/L, if test results show that formaldehyde emissions standard, consumers can complain to the authorities and ordered a replacement qualified furniture, or return.
&Nbsp;   watch out for children's furniture paint film
&Nbsp;   consumers in the purchase of furniture for children, for harmful substances in children's furniture paint film--soluble lead, chromium, cadmium and mercury hazards should be paid enough attention. Spray paint on the furniture shall comply with the limit of harmful substances of wood coating requirements, consumers should purchase formal quality assured products. When in use, better not put food, especially acidic foods directly on the desktop, so as to avoid ingestion of these soluble heavy metals.
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