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Wood knowledge

&Nbsp;   1, Redwood: the so-called "Redwood", right from the beginning, it is not a particular species of furniture, but of rare hardwood quality furniture since Ming and Qing dynasties collectively.
&Nbsp;   2, rosewood and produced in the subtropical region, such as India, South-East Asia. China's Yunnan and Guangxi provinces and a small amount of production. Wood and shiny, with aromas, long open air to purple to reddish-brown, staggered of Arts and Sciences, compact structure, corrosion-resistance and high durability, material hard to fine.
&Nbsp;   3, PEAR: as a unique treasure tree. Wood and shiny, with spicy taste; oblique cross of Arts and science, thin and uniform structure, decay. High durability, texture hard, high strength.
&Nbsp;   4, rosewood: tropical and subtropical regions, mainly to Southeast Asian countries of origin. Uneven wood color, heartwood is orange, light reddish-brown to dark brown, dark provision is obvious. Wood and shiny, with sour or sour flavor, arts and oblique cross, high density, oily, hard and wear-resistant.
&Nbsp;   5, rosewood: distributed in tropical regions worldwide, mainly in Southeast Asia and South America, Africa. China's Hainan, Yunnan and Guangdong and Guangxi region on introduction and cultivation. More uniform wood colour, from pale yellow to dark red-brown, dark-striped, glossy, with slight or significant light aroma, texture cross, thin and uniform structure (slightly in South America, Africa) wear-resistant, durable and strong, hard heavy, high strength, usually floating in water. Rosewood from Southeast Asia is Thailand the best, followed by Myanmar.
&Nbsp;   6, chicken-wing wood: located in the subtropical parts of the world, a major producer in South-East Asia and South America, because of the similar "wings" of the texture name. Textured cross, not clear, color unexpected, wood and there is no aroma, grows rings is not obvious.
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