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Purchase of furniture note

&Nbsp;   qualification: check the complete license
&Nbsp;   as the drivers have to have a driver's license, merchants selling furniture and also must have the appropriate qualification, but also to keep in mind with "three guarantees", "environmental protection" and other various promises to attract consumers. If the business registration license is essential, some claiming to be well-known brand shops, certificate of Authenticity should also look into its brand, the "three guarantees" to make the show "three packs of" certificates, said the product "green", to be certified to provide environmental protection.
&Nbsp;   contract:
&Nbsp;   purchase of furniture shall be used for trade and industry contracts, consumer protection Committee and other departments printed contract of sale of the furniture, pay attention to check the content, such as models, styles, materials and other items of furniture, and retained under the contract terms should not be taken lightly. Because it is often a few businesses with ulterior motives will retain provisions detrimental to consumers ' demands.
&Nbsp;   invoice: no receipt instead of
&Nbsp;   buy furniture will have a bargain, right after, some businesses will tend to "low prices, invoicing unprofitable", requires consumers to replace the receipt. Faced with this situation, consumers tend to be cheap, the grace to accept receipt. However, in case of quality problems, although the consumer protection Committee is accepting such complaints, but really playing lawsuit, receipts than the legal validity of the invoice but is much lower.
&Nbsp;   out: try to build a shopping mall
&Nbsp;   in the Mall after purchasing the furniture, in may cases, consumers get into the shopping mall reception stamped with a seal of a shopping centre. Because some large stores, many companies are hiring mall stores, instead of shopping malls established by his own furniture company. So few "brand" they will clear out our lease, customers find quality furniture when the problem went back again, problem manufacturers have gone shopping malls tend to refuse responsible. Seal of the covered shopping centre, no doubt the business will be bound, the customer will be more insurance.
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